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Located in the bigger ecological sanctuary of the Rio Grande do Sul state, and elected by the 4 rodas (roads) guidebook as one of the ten most beautiful beaches of Brazil, Pipa started being famous during the 80′s while rediscovered by surfers.

Reproduction site for dolphins and marine turtles, Pipa beach is a part of Tibau do Sul area, an Indian name that means ‘between 2 waters’ (there’s the Guarairas lagoon on one hand and the Atlantic Ocean on the other).

There are numerous activities: boats, kayak and horse-riding trips, fishing, snorkeling, hiking on the ecological sanctuary trails. (The camp offers Multi-sport Pack – see „Prices“.)

The Surfcamp also offers trips to interesting places, SUP and kiting – courses as well as equipment for rent.

The night is an unique attraction, cosmopolitan and restless, Pipa’s parties require a lot of energy until daybreak. It’s also frequented by all the South America youth that enjoys the national forro, reggae and techno rhythms.



The Surfcamp is located in a 4000 m2 tropical garden full of coconut, mango and banana palm trees, with a swimming pool, a sea view, bar, restaurant with Brazilian and French cuisine and a TV room. There’s a variety of lodging:

Bungalows (2 - 4 persons)
Chalets of 30m2 with verandas with hammocks, king-size beds 2m x 2m, bathrooms, Air conditioner, Fridge Bar, they can be adapted from 2 to 4 persons.

Common rooms (hostel, 5 persons)
Large veranda with hammocks, fan and game room, bath room, single bed with locking drawer.

Luxurious suites (8 persons)
Sea view and whirlpool bath, king size bed, fridge-bar, TV DVD, noiseless air condition, bath room and veranda with hammocks, free internet access. The price is 100 euros the night, breakfast included.

Casa Tropical
Cottage located 200 m from the surfcamp in front of the sea, at the edge of the cliffs of Tibau do Sul, with, downwards on the beach, a surf spot. It is located on a 1500m2 wide ground, and it includes 3 double rooms + 1 external room with a gorgeous sea view, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bath rooms, a large veranda with dining room and a sofa. The rent of this cottage is 1 400 € a week for 4 persons, 1 500 € for 6 persons, 1 600 € for 8 persons.



Thanks to its geographical position, the Rio Grande do Norte coasts get North, South, Southeast and East swells that allows surfing at any moment of the year. The best spots are located between Tibau do Sul and Praia da Pipa. The best period is from Novemer to March, thanks to the North swell that comes from the Atlantic North and the end of the trade winds.

The spots fit to all level surfers, from the beginner (all year long) to the experienced surfer (from December to March). The camp organises Surf Courses as well as Surf Trips. You can rent the equipment in the camp.


  • Downwards the surfcamp there is Mouth of the lagoon – sandbanks as well as reef reserved for high standard surfers, and La Boy beachbreak.
  • 30 minutes walking from camp there is Cacimbinhas (beach break), Ponta do madeiro (spot world class, long reef right working with North swell, November to March at low tide), Do Curral (dolphin bay).
  • In 15 minutes by car you can reach Lajao (close to Pipa center, 300 m paddling to reach the reef, very long right working with North swell), Abacateiro (right reserved for the high standard surfer because it breaks on a few-water-reef, very quick and hollow wave), Sororoca (gets up quickly, hollow and tubular, flat reef without danger, ideal for late take off tube training). Afogadas (beach break, right and left), Lajinha (spot world class, reef break, at low tide, quick and hollow wave, very few water, for high standard surfers).


Rio Grande Do Norte coast receives the Southeast trade winds, that implies a constant wind between 15 and 25 knots. When we arrive to the Ceara State (Fortaleza) the wind blows between 25 and 35 knots.

The best spots are between Tibau do Sul and Barra do Cunhau, the best period last from July to January.

The camp organizes KiteSurf Courses as well as KiteSurf Trips on the spots, with a car and a boat.

Equipment available for lessons :
15 Volt from 7 to 13m, 9 Starkites Bow Kites from 5 to 11m, 7 Next Boards from 158 to 138 cm

Equipment for rental :
8 Bandits 5 from 6m to 14m, Switchblade 12m and 8m, North Evo 8 & 12m, 2x Trax 136×40, Cabrinha Board Custom 128, Imperial 133, many wave riding custom boards from 5’8 to 6’2


The Spots

Facing the camp (500m – a few meters to do by a boat)

• The lagoon (800m); ideal for the beginners and intermediate kiteres or for high standard kite surfers who like flat water
• The lagoon mouth (300m), surf in the waves that break on the sandbanks, excellent spot but reserved for very good kiters, works with every kind of swell
• On the left of the mouth (800m), 10 km of the beach break ideal for intermediates to learn the wave riding, excellent for the down wind

10 minutes walking distance to the South from the camp

• Cacimbinha: Long beach (4 km), beach break that works when there is East and Southeast heave, in the open sea there are 2 reefs with excellend waves

20 minutes by car from the camp

• Barra do Cunhau, River that flows into the sea and that had formed a sandbank, you can kite in the river, ideal spot for the beginners, intermediates and experts who like flat water.



Fly to Natal airport. From there the camp offers pick up for 70 €.

The TAP company provides direct flights from Lisbon to Natal (7h of flight) : every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. 

The TAP company provides as well connecting flights from Lisbon to Paris, Barcelona, Geneva and Zurich.



Surf & kite

Price per person

  Cool trip
  • 7 nights
  • B&B
  • airport transfer
  • 7 spot trips
Surfschool trip
  • 7 nights
  • B&B
  • airport transfer
  • 10h surf course
Kiteschool trip
  • 7 nights
  • B&B
  • airport transfer
  • 10h kite course
Common room € 390 € 440 € 530
- single
€ 620 € 670 € 760
- double € 430 € 480 € 570
- triple € 365 € 420 € 505
- quadruple € 345 € 395 € 480
6 lunches € 70 € 70 € 70
Equipment rental
per 7 days
€ 90 / surf
€ 300 / kite
during the course
Multisports pack € 110 € 110 € 110

Half board (buffet dinner): € 12 / day
Full board (buffet lunch & dinner): € 20 / day

Trip or downwind (one at a time): € 15

Multisports pack:

  • 1 activity per day
  • activities for choice: surf / kite, kayak, horse riding, SUP, hiking in santuary, Yoga, Capoeira


Prices per person

Kite: 1h / € 35, 7h / € 230

Surf: 1h / € 25, 7h / € 150

SUP: 1h / € 30, 7h / € 200


Kite: 1 day / € 50, 7 days / € 300 (deposit € 150)

Surf: 1 day / € 15, 7 days / € 80 (deposit € 70)

SUP:  1 day / € 30, 7 days / € 160

Accomodation only

Prices per bungalows

  1 night
Bed & Breakfast
7 nights
Bed & Breakfast
Common room € 25 € 175
- single
€ 55 € 385
- double € 70 € 490
- triple € 80 € 560
- quadruple € 90 € 630
Luxury room € 100 € 700
  • surf : all year
  • kite : VII-I
  • beach : 100m
  • town : 100m
  • surf advanced : XII-III
  • coach/student : 1/?