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Surfer Paradise surf camp is located on a private island Shangri-La. The scenery around is jaw dropping and so are the waves.

Except surfing, you can also go diving, snorkeling, fishing, ocean kayaking, hiking, explore the surroundings or just relax in a hammock. In the evening, you can review your daily surf session on the camp TV-DVD (bring your camcorder). 

On the island, there is also a variety of wild life, including monkeys, sea turtles at times, many types of birds, parrots and even wild deer.



Surfer Paradise is actually two islands. One being the big island and then a smaller outer island. The big island has the living accommodations. Private cabanas are located on the side of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, each with your very own hammock for that afternoon siesta. Water is supplied by a fresh water spring that is used for drinking and showering.

You will be served three meals per day with a variety of dishes made from fish, chicken, shrimp, tropical fruits, etc. We can accommodate vegetarian diets.

There is a dining room area for eating and visiting in the evening. We have electricity in the evening hours when we start our generator. 

The weather is tropical, so all you need is your trunks, warm water wax and alot of sunscreen. Reef shoes are a good idea for coral and rock breaks. If you snorkel or fish, bring your gear (fishing is world class).



You can surf in Panama for the whole year. The best season for beginners is from December to April, when the waves are smaller and weather is pleasant. Nevertheless some of the breaks are small during the whole year and therefore suitable for beginners anytime.

The most constant swell for experienced surfers comes from April to October.

The number of surfers on the island is restricted to 15. There are 10 different breaks to choose from, so no break gets overcrowded. Private, uncrowded, tropical, waves! 

Small Island, Big Kahuna Waves
The smaller island is about a 30 minute boat ride. This is the island of the largest waves. When the waves are small everwhere else, you'll find 6-8 ft faces here on average. This is the place where you'll find the left brakes like P-Land, which is really two breaks, and Leftovers. The right brakes on this island is Nestles, described as the most exciting 30 seconds of your life. 

Emily's is right out front
Directly in front of camp sits Emily's. A left point break that peels and peels forever. This could be your favorite wave of the whole trip.

We are heading to Sandbar in the Morning

When you hear this, you should start preparing, it'll be a morning of A frame peaks going left and right. Your arms will feel like the spaghetti you ate last night, and your jaws will hurt from smiling so much.



Fly to the airport in Panama City. The guide will meet you at the airport, and transports you directly to the bus station for your 5-6 hour bus trip. The bus will drop you off at a customs check point called Guabala, where our driver will meet you to transport you to the port of Yurre. Upon arrival at the port, our boat will be waiting to take you to the island which is about 5 miles offshore (unless it is after dark or the tide is too low). 

Be very careful with the airlines. Sometimes, they have embargos throughout the year and will not transport surfboards during their embargos. Plus some of their own customer service people do not know when the embargos are taking place.



Package            $ 642  per week     

  • pickup and return from Guabala
  • food
  • lodging at surf camp or Puerto Yurre
  • daily boat trips for surfing, snorkling, or fishing

A stay starts on a Saturday (airport arrival day) and ends on a Saturday (departure day). You will have 6 full surfing days. Extra days can be purchased for $107. Friday airport arrival is one extra day and Sunday airport departure is one extra day.

Not included in package:

  • Hotel Stay in Panama City
  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Surf lessons

A $ 300 per person deposit is required to hold your reservation.
If you have a group of 10 or more, the organizer will receive his or her trip free.
Surfboard rentals.................................$ 25 / day, $ 125 / week
Surf lessons can be provided for beginners with private, semi-private or group rates (max 3-4 people in one group).

  • beginners : all year
  • experts : IV-X
  • beach : 100 m
  • town : 5 km
  • coach/clients : 1/4