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Our kite center is located on the island of Sal and is a part of Cabo Verde islands - the islands of eternal summer.

The center offers you everything you would need on your vacation on the islands - not only kiteboarding and kitesurfing, but also surfing and windsurfing service. The centre is located right at the beach (Albatros spot - Leme Bedje) and consists of kite school, rental and a chillout bar which turns into wild party house when the sun goes down.



We offer accomodation for windsurfers, kiters, surfers, divers and so on, but we can provide accomodation for a family with kids. Time of your stay is unlimited – we can provide apartments from 1 week to several months´, from low budget to luxury ones – just fill out contact form (bottom of the page) and leave everything on our shoulders!

Group - max 4 persons:

Low budget Apartman    € 265 / week
50m behind our station and 50m to reach ws-kite spot. Ocean view, view to a our station, Angulos and Pezi Hubers. The most affordable accomodation, that we offer.

Apartman with a pool     € 350 / week
- 150m from our station, 100m from Ponta Leme (angulos), pool, ocean view.


For 1-2 persons:

Hotel by the station
price for 1 person: € 295 / week with breakfast
price for 2 persons: € 421 / week with breakfast



The percentage of windy days goes up to 90% at the beginning of December. With temperatures around 25°C the islands change into ideal place for you winter vacation which is only 5 hours by plane from central Europe. 

Sal island is well-known in the kite and windsurfing world especially for Ponta Preta spot. It is a long right handed non-breaking wave which is usually 2 metres high, but can get up to 4,5 metres. 

No stress, the island has more spots with different conditions, for example Santa Maria bay with its crystalline water and flat surface which is perfect for begginers or "kite beach" spot where most of the visitors go. 


Our kite school adapts to your experience which you can freely build on. We will lead you from the very beginning, through brushing up on freestyle tricks including learning new things to the very best that kiting offers – riding the waves – kitesurfing. All our instructors have passed not only coaching courses organized by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization). During the lessons themselves we use the latest equipment made by company BEST. 

For beginners, we choose a long sandy beach in the heart of a small town Santa Maria. For intermediate and advanced Kite beach on the east coast, where the wind is stronger and farther from the shore there are already rideable waves building up.

The LEARN'N'RIDE package is perfect for begginers. It's 4 days of courses (3h/day) including equipment. For the rest of the week you can keep the equipment and our instructors will assist you. 




  hours 1 student  2 students 
substance of kite 3 € 75 € 60
power of kite 3 € 95 € 75
ride the kite 3 € 95 € 75
fly with kite 3 € 95 € 75
12 € 350 € 290
4 days of full course &
3 days of rental + supervision 
€ 450 € 390
freestyle 2 € 90 € 80
waveriding 2 € 90 € 80

10 % discount on courses with own equipment.

No wind? No pay! :)


  2 hours half-day 1 day 7 days
Kite 20 30 40 150
Board 10 15 20 90
Waveboard 20 35 40 180
Harness 5 5 10 40
Wetsuit 10 10 10 40
Complet 30 40 50 220


  • season :  XI-IV
  • coach/clients :  1/2
  • beach : 50 m
  • town :  0 m